Peter goes Stoic

Some of you may already know that famed watchmaker, Peter Speake-Marin, after leaving his namesake brand last year, has embarked on a new project. He is now the co-founder and face of the brand, STOIC.

Peter Speake-Marin and STOIC founders.
Peter Speake-Marin and STOIC founders.

Briefly put, the watches and their story can be seen at (where one can already purchase these watches) and he has graciously contacted us to share with us this project. While we await the arrival of the timepieces from this new brand for an in-depth look at them, we congratulate Peter and would like to give an overview about what the initial offerings are.

STOIC first arrives with three watches, simply named The Pilots Watch (#1), The Chronograph (#1) and The Sports Watch (#1), perhaps as to not detract from the watches themselves.

  • The Pilots Watch (#1) – 38mm diameter pilot-styled automatic 3-hand and date watch with leather strap (USD390 including shipping).

  • The Chronograph (#1) – 38mm diameter quartz chronograph with bracelet (USD290 including shipping).

  • The Sports Watch (#1) – 43.5mm diameter diver-styled automatic watch (USD490 including shipping).

STOIC brings a lot of watch for the asking price. They come encased in surgical grade 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal on both sides (except for the Chronograph which has a solid caseback). STOIC’s timepieces are powered with robust and reliable Seiko movements. All three watches come with applied brand logos on the dial and, on the Chronograph and Sports models, applied indices. One can observe the steel on the bracelets and cases being finished with alternating brushed and mirror surfaces and the crowns are signed. As a bonus, all of the watches come with deployant buckles and are water resistant up to a sporty 100 metres. Extra care has been given to ensure that the watches wear comfortably.

The emblematic words of STOIC, “Nothing is ours, except time.” are etched on the Chronograph case back and applied to the sapphire caseback of the Pilot and Sports watches. These were the apparent words of Roman Stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca. 

Seneca's quote.
Seneca’s quote.

As you can see, STOIC aims to be a brand whose watches come at a very affordable price range, especially when considering the quality and attention to detail they offer. They are pure watch done right, and created for those seeking a well-made timepiece without breaking the wallet.

Look out for our in-depth views once we see these watches in person. Let us leave you with an excerpt from STOIC’s first press release…

“Born from a deeply felt desire of true friends who have come together to found Stoic World, STOIC watches, is an amalgamation of reason and passion. Reason stemming from classic and timeless design supported by quality manufacture. Passion belonging to the founders of Stoic World wishing to share a philosophy of life. This idea buried deep in the mind of Peter Speake-Marin, Watchmaker, founder and face of STOIC, is nothing less than the fruit of the coming together of men and women of different backgrounds and cultures but united by common values. These human and philosophical shared values from Hong Kong, London and Paris can be found in Stoic products that are true, honest and good quality. Our customers are the centre of our concerns, our objective is to serve them. This is the Stoic.”