A New Cocktail

Seiko’s new additions to the Cocktail Time range come in the form of the Fuyugeshiki. While the specs remain as per the previous watches in the Cocktail Time series, the dial is the differentiating factor here. In Seiko’s own words – “Today, a new limited edition is launched, again based on one of Kishi’s creations. His Fuyugeshiki cocktail has a cool, pure appearance which is now reflected in the delicate and dramatic dial of this watch. The word Fuyugeshiki means a winter scene and the dial captures the magic of the bright light of a clear winter’s day.”

Here are some quick shots.

Limited edition of 7000 pieces SSA385J1.

Limited edition of 7000 pieces SRPC97J1.

There is also a ladies limited edition of 5000 pieces with the model name SRP843J1.

More info can be found here.