Hitting Its Stride

Stemming from the Citizen’s 100th Anniversary collection of watches, this is the new Satellite Wave GPS F990!

The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F990.

Back in 2011, Citizen first revealed the original Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch. It was a world’s first and a true innovation at the time. So it is no surprise (and high time) for the Japanese legendary brand to produce an all-new GPS satellite synchronized watch in order to maintain its lead in the world with regards to such time-keeping technology.

Thus, the Satellite Wave F990 is born. Here is a watch that is confident in its ability to receive accurate date and time from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. What are the new advancements this new model brings to the table? The movement speed of the minute and hours hands have been doubled during the synch process.

Futuristic case styling also lends comfort and convenience to the wearer.

To bring ruggedness and practicality to the watches, all the cases of these watches made using the latest version of the robust material, Super Titanium™. Added to this is Citizen’s Duratect surface hardening technology which lends its scratch-resistant character to the case. Duratect has been made to achieve 1000-1400 Vickers in hardness and it does this while keeping the surface of the case slippery smooth. At the same time, the titanium case keeps the entire package lightweight.

The F990 Models

The first two models in the new Satellite Wave F990 series are the CC7005-16E and the CC7005-16F. It is apparent that they were created to inherit the design concept of the original Satellite Wave from 2011. The former shows off a recognizable black and green dial that borrows inspiration from the Aurora Borealis. The latter comes with a monotone ring and brings one’s imagination towards the satellites orbiting the Earth.

F990 CC7005-16E
F990 CC7005-16F

There is one more release for the new F990. This model is for commemorating the centennial anniversary of Citizen. As such, it sports similar design and styling elements like the other anniversary commemorative models. The watch highlights a gold and black dial ring. which also points to the Eco-Drive technology powering the watch from the inside.

F990 CC7005-16G

All the watches come with the Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement inside. It is capable of turning any light source into energy. There is no need for batteries. As a bonus, the watches have a Light Level Indicator to show the intensity of light hitting the watch.

A fine view of the limited 100th Anniversary edition of the Citizen Promaster Satellite Wave F990 CC7005-16G.

Watch Specifications

Movement – Calibre F990 Eco-Drive movement. Accurate up to ±5 seconds per month (without time signal reception), world timer and dual time, Satellite Wave GPS synchonization, chronograph, alarm, light-level indicator. Power reserve of 1.5 years with up to 5 years using the power save function.

Case – 48.5mm Super Titanium™ (Duratect DLC*5) and 50 metres water resistance.

Dial – Black

Strap – Urethane

Note that all models of the Satellite Wave come only in 1500 limited edition runs each!

Citizen’s fine watches are available at authorized retailers in Malaysia.