Hitting Its Stride

Stemming from the Citizen’s 100th Anniversary collection of watches, this is the new Satellite Wave GPS F990!

The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F990.

Back in 2011, Citizen first revealed the original Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch. It was a world’s first and a true innovation at the time. So it is no surprise (and high time) for the Japanese legendary brand to produce an all-new GPS satellite synchronized watch in order to maintain its lead in the world with regards to such time-keeping technology.

Thus, the Satellite Wave F990 is born. Here is a watch that is confident in its ability to receive accurate date and time from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. What are the new advancements this new model brings to the table? The movement speed of the minute and hours hands have been doubled during the synch process.

Futuristic case styling also lends comfort and convenience to the wearer.

To bring ruggedness and practicality to the watches, all the cases of these watches made using the latest version of the robust material, Super Titanium™. Added to this is Citizen’s Duratect surface hardening technology which lends its scratch-resistant character to the case. Duratect has been made to achieve 1000-1400 Vickers in hardness and it does this while keeping the surface of the case slippery smooth. At the same time, the titanium case keeps the entire package lightweight.

The F990 Models

The first two models in the new Satellite Wave F990 series are the CC7005-16E and the CC7005-16F. It is apparent that they were created to inherit the design concept of the original Satellite Wave from 2011. The former shows off a recognizable black and green dial that borrows inspiration from the Aurora Borealis. The latter comes with a monotone ring and brings one’s imagination towards the satellites orbiting the Earth.

F990 CC7005-16E
F990 CC7005-16F

There is one more release for the new F990. This model is for commemorating the centennial anniversary of Citizen. As such, it sports similar design and styling elements like the other anniversary commemorative models. The watch highlights a gold and black dial ring. which also points to the Eco-Drive technology powering the watch from the inside.

F990 CC7005-16G

All the watches come with the Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement inside. It is capable of turning any light source into energy. There is no need for batteries. As a bonus, the watches have a Light Level Indicator to show the intensity of light hitting the watch.

A fine view of the limited 100th Anniversary edition of the Citizen Promaster Satellite Wave F990 CC7005-16G.

Watch Specifications

Movement – Calibre F990 Eco-Drive movement. Accurate up to ±5 seconds per month (without time signal reception), world timer and dual time, Satellite Wave GPS synchonization, chronograph, alarm, light-level indicator. Power reserve of 1.5 years with up to 5 years using the power save function.

Case – 48.5mm Super Titanium™ (Duratect DLC*5) and 50 metres water resistance.

Dial – Black

Strap – Urethane

Note that all models of the Satellite Wave come only in 1500 limited edition runs each!

Citizen’s fine watches are available at authorized retailers in Malaysia.

Citizen Watch Tours Malaysia

Citizen Watch, one of the World’s largest watch companies, organized a first ever Eco-Tour exhibition to commemorate its 100th anniversary. This first of its kind event, hopes to share the importance of Eco-Green across four states in Malaysia. The schedule is as follows:

  • Penang (22nd Nov to 25th Nov)
  • Kedah (29th Nov to 2nd Dec)
  • Sarawak (5th to 9th Dec)
  • Sabah (18th Dec to 26th Dec)

The tour aims to encourage the importance of Eco-Friendly practices, especially those not yet adopted by the majority of the players in the same trade. The Citizen Eco-Tour stopped at City Plaza Alor Star Kedah as one of the exhibitions’ stops. Unknown to many, it is the home of one of the world’s largests solar panel manufacturers and this makes the state extremely suited to host the exhibition.
Also, Kedah is also the home state of Tun Mahathir Mohamed and, in a tribute to the Japan-Malaysia relations, the exhibition helps in pointing everyone to be aware of the green Citizen technologies such as the Eco-Drive along with the state’s green efforts.

The Eco-Tour in Kedah with YL Time Sdn Bhd.

The celebration in the Citizen’s efforts in the exhibition reached greater heights when it became the first international company to support Penang’s Green Council project – Green Oasis. Penang was chosen as the state’s green effort was in line with Citizen’s Eco-Green practices. Furthermore, it was one of the states to have watches imported here, earlier than any other states in Malaysia. Ultimately, this makes Citizen a direct supporter of the Eco-Green movement. The project is going to create Malaysia’s first learning facility for environment. For this, Citizen donated a sum of RM5,000.00 and three ECO-DRIVE watches totalling RM8,360 in total and they were used as the grand prizes for the Green Pinang Gala on 29 Nov 2018.

With this, Citizen emerged as the 1st international brand to support the Penang Green Council in its Green Oasis project. This, in a way, justifies the fact that Penang is the first state in which Citizen was imported. Citizen hopes to inspire the local community and show that it is possible to be both Eco-Friendly while achieving corporate results. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology and its aims are in line with the PGC’s goals to be environmentally aware. In fact, today, up to 80% of Citizen’s watches are now powered by Eco-Drive, one of Citizen’s core advanced technogies.

The inaugural exhibition dropped into Queensbay Mall in Penang only to be held with Brilliant Watch Sdn Bhd.
(L to R)
Mr Zentrix Chiu, Consultant for Citizen Watches (Malaysia) Sdn bhd.
Miss Thing Siew Shuen, General Manager of Penang Green Council
YB Yeoh Soon Hin, Penang State Exco Councillor 
Mr Hiramatsu Kyosuke, Director of Citizen Watches (Malaysia) Sdn bhd
Mr Ronnie Ng, Director of Brilliant Watch Sdn Bhd.
Citizen Eco-Tour visits Penang Green Council.

As seen, regardless the market, be it domestic or international, Citizen, in its positions as one of the world’s largest manufacturers, believes in supporting causes that promote eco-friendly measures by both individuals and organisations.  Like a feather to its cap, Citizen became the world’s first company to receive the gold prize at the EcoMark Award in 2014. This is the highest honour achievable for a company to be recognized as having made superior efforts to produce products that are environmental friendly.

Citizen Watch is one of the rare true manufacturers of watches. Hailing from Japan, Citizen has created many groundbreaking watches in the world of horology and its legendary status befits its ability to create a timepiece all the way from its individual components to its completely assembled form. Today Citizen operates in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has held firm to its belief and goal that is “Better Starts Now“. Today, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018, the brand still deeply believes that no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better and no better time to do it than now.

Citizen’s famous high-technology feature, Eco-Drive, powers its fine timepieces, keeping them accurate and reliable while fulfilling the deeping Eco-Green values that radiate from the watch and its green-aware owners.

Citizen’s 100th Anniversary Limited Edition models.

Among Citizen watches featured at these events are the key timepieces that were created in conjunction with Citizen’s 100th anniversary in 2018. Standing out of this collection is the Satellite Wave GPS 990 Limited Edition models, capable of syncing with GPS satellites to set the correct time. Launched in 2011, the original Eco-Drive Satellite Wave was the world’s first light-powered watch that received signals from satellites to always show the correct time, anywhere on the globe. The latest iterations of the Satellite Wave models come armed with a refined movement along with better durability due to the “Super Titanium” case.

Photos were provided by Citizen Watch.

Citizen 100th Anniversary – AV0077-82E Tsuno Chrono Racer ‘Bullhead’

The Tsuno Chrono Racer.

The Japanese watchmaking giant, Citizen, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and the festivities continue with the arrival of the 100th Anniversary Citizen Limited Edition Tsuno Chrono Racer.

As a homage to the sought after 1973 Citizen Bullhead watch, this watch presents a contemporary approach to the bullhead chronograph with its crown and pushers sitting atop the case for easy access and timekeeping in high-pressure situations.

Crown and pushers forming the ‘Bullhead’.

The Tsuno Chrono Racer also proudly shows off its unique case shape and thick sapphire crystal.

Distinctive case shape.

Thick sapphire crystal provides a lens like effect.

To enhance this avant-garde styling, the case and bracelet are black/grey ion-plated and the dial contains classy gold-tone accents. The dial, while full of intricate details, always displays all crucial information legibly.

Tasteful dial details and accents.

Multi-layered dial construction.

The watch, as expected is chock full of the latest technological wonders from the engineers at Citizen and features a myriad of functions for the lucky owners.  Powering the watch is a ±15 second a month E210 Eco-Drive movement that has been hand assembled in Japan. Apart from telling the time accurately and reliably, the watch provides a 1/5 second flyback chronograph and tachymetre, alarm function and power reserve indication.

All registers and indicators are functional and legible.

Furthermore, this movement is fully powered by light making it a truly green endeavour from the brand. Eco-Drive technology is doubtlessly one of the key innovations in watchmaking and is the culmination of Citizen’s four decades of R&D towards this technology.

Going all the way with technology.


Movement – E210 Eco-Drive Chronograph/Alarm, power reserve indicator, 24 hours and date display.

Case – 44.5mm diameter IP coated grey, stainless steel with 200m water resistance.

Bracelet – Stainless steel with folding clasp

Signed bracelet clasp.

Only 3000 pieces worldwide are made for this 100th anniversary model and you can find them at authorized Citizen retailers although we are made to understand that most of them have been sold out! The watch retails for RM15,690.

100th anniversary etched caseback.

A special box for all the Citizen 100th anniversary models.

The Citizen Fugu is coming!

Many dive watch collectors and tool watch enthusiasts have heard of the Seiko SKX007. And many too have known of that watch’s main rival, the Citizen Promaster NY0040. For a long time, watch collectors had to choose between the two or simply bought both of these fine Japanese dive watches. While the former is still in production, the NY0040 has actually been discontinued for a while although the watch can still be found in possession of some retailers if you looked hard enough. We at HourMarker agree though, on the debate that the NY0040 is the superior of the two watches in terms of fit and finish as well as the movement powering the watch. In fact, there’s even a version of the NY0040 made to pass the stringent tests for use by members of the Marina Militare (Italian Navy).

Anyway, we were just allowed to handle and photograph a revival of the NY0040. These watches will be produced by Citizen and only available for a limited run and when each of these models run out, there will absolutely not be any re-runs! As such, this series of watches are parked under the ‘Citizen Limited’ moniker.

The two that are mentioned in this article are given the nickname the Fugu. The poisonous blowfish can be seen gracing the casebacks of these watches.

Fugu on the caseback.

The first, is the brown dialed and green bezelled NY0082-17X. This version has a rose gold IP on the steel case (to us, it looks closer to bronze).


And the other watch we saw is the black dialed, Pepsi bezelled, NY0088-11E.


These new releases showcase the same specifications as the NY0040. They will come with rubber straps (and matching buckles). A NATO strap will also be given to each owner.

Comes with the standard Citizen dive strap and matching buckle.

Of course Citizen would not simply release a carbon copy of the NY0040. If you observe closely, you will notice the differences in the dial.

  • The markers have been updated to a more contemporary look.
  • The Citizen Promaster logo is now featured on the dial.
  • The seconds hand has been lengthened to a more appropriate length.

Full specifications are as such:

  • Movement: Automatic Miyota 8203a movement with hacking and day/date display with 40 hours power reserve.
  • Case: 43mm 316L stainless steel with 200m ISO certified water resistance.
  • Dial: Brown on the NY0082-17X and black on the NY0088-11E.
  • Crystal: Mineral with solid engraved caseback.
  • Strap:  Rubber dive strap with matching buckle. A choice of NATO strap will be provided in the box.

The Fugus side by side.

Click to view the full album

The official launch date is 1st October 2018 for the NY0082. The brown/green NY0082 is a limited edition (one run only) of 500 pieces. We understand that the Pepsi version of the Fugu is a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Price to be announced. All will only be available at key retail points in Asia.

There will be up to 4 other versions of this to be seen (including an all-dial lumed watch). We are informed that this will be the start of a series of interesting timepieces to come from Citizen. Stay tuned for more info!